Clark County Athletics

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2021 Clark County R-1 Lady Indians Softball Team - Front row: Gloria Shannon, Emma Ross, Alexis Ellison, Allie Hayden, Hanna Hill, Hailey Ray, and Halea Davis, manager. Middle row: Ronee Scott, manager; Jaelynn Barnett, Mya Ewart, Olivia Miller, Hope Ross, Ally Fox, Blair Webster, Ashtyn Ebeling and Bryleigh Shaffer. Back row: Coach Shaun Parker, Katy Ayer, Ava McKay, Kaylie Yates, DeeDee Church, Carley Pearl, Erin Bash, Maggie Weaver, Jasmine James, Isabella Irvin, Trinity Little and Coach Hannah Ross.


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2021 Clark County R-1 Cross Country Team - Front row: Mia Johnson, Cady St. Clair, Delana Hess, Makenna Hodges and Trinity Little. Middle row: Isaiah Hardin, Landon Arnold, Emery Goings, Grace Buschling, Tandon Toolate and Brayden Thompson. Back row: Colin Nichols, Ethan Nelson, Harrison Parker, Carter Harper and Carter Plenge. Not pictured: Coach Nicole Harper.


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2021 Varsity & Junior Varsity Football Team - Front row: Logan Hooper, Dane Brewer, Briston Kirchner, Noah Ferrel, Dylan Schantz and Adam St. Clair. Second row: Logan Schlatter, Conner Pearl, Isaac Armstrong, Gage Winters, Zander Miller, Wyatt Randall, Nate Brown, Brayden Mathes, Ethan Harness, Jadden Kellum and Cayden Kerfoot. Third Row: Assistant Coach Brock Egley, Coltyn McDaniel, Chayce Webster, Oakley Cook, Jarrett Burgess, Blake Kerfoot, Landon Young, Austin Day, Koy Finton, Kayne Nixon, Jed Nelson and Assistant Coach Brennan Claas. Fourth row: Assistant Coaches Ethan Horton and Jaden Bethel, Jamari Thurmond, Preston Burgess, Clint Chamley, Camden Morss,  Collin Hunziker, Callan Wheeler, Landon Farmer, Jonathan Shinn, Lucus Eddleman, Brayen James, Matthew Miller, Luke Plenge, Odie Cook, Konner Westercamp, Drew Holsted, Koy Nixon, Tristan Pitford and Head Coach Ethan Allen. Not Pictured Lathan McAfee and Assistant Coach RK Bradley.


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CCR-1 High School Football Cheerleaders - Front row: Captains Angel Oilar & Annalise Smith. Second row: Hailey Ray, Akadia Hallford and Elizabeth Randall. Third row: Rylee Sisson, Bree Church, Katherine Marshall, Shelbi Slater, Skylar Currence, and Aaliyah Edmondson. Back row: Kampbel James, Miranda Hawley, Lundyn Neeves, and Kathrynn Schmitz. Not pictured: Captain Kaylee Streit and Sponsor Dana Kemper.


CCR-1 JV & Varsity Baseball Team: Front row: Collin Hunziker, Thomas Church, Konner Westercamp, Garrett Billings, Tayten Gordy, Matthew Miller, Kaden Hamner, Lucus Eddleman, and Tristen Pitford. Middle row: Briston Kirchner, Koy Nixon, Drew Holsted, Ryan Tweedy, Nathaniel Brown, Elija Elam and Owen Burr. Back row: Sam Wheeler, Aaron Day, Braden Fry, Zander Johnson, Gabe Howe, Carter Briscoe and Wyatt Randall. Not pictured Cayden Barlow.

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CCR-1 Golf Team: Front row: Allie Hayden, Emily Frazee, Zoe Hunziker, Audrey Herrs, Eleanor Cameron and Shelbi Slater. Back row: Isaac Armstrong, Ian Acklie, Corrigan Humphrey, Carson Cormier, RJ Stephenson and Coach Adam Rung. Not pictured: Carson Clark.

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CCR-1 High School Girls Track Team -  Front row: Abby Plenge, Peyton Franke, Mia Johnson, Kiara Brunk, Madelyn Johnson, Bre Chamley, Elly Hamner and Alexis Ellison. Middle row: Maggie Weaver, Cady St. Clair, Grace Buschling, Olivia Miller, Ally Fox, Delana Hess, Emma Ross and Hope Ross. Back row: Carley Pearl, Bree Church, Bryleigh Shaffer, Aaliyah Edmondson and Lundyn Neves. Not pictured: Ronee Scott.

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CCR-1 High School Boys Track Team: Front row: Logan Hooper, Ethan Nelson, Kyle Gregory, Hunter Yancy, Colin Nichols and David Poelvoorde. Middle row: Jonathan Shinn, Callan Wheeler, Carter Plenge, Landon Toolate and Carter Harper. Back row: Luke Plenge, Clint Chamley and Landon Arnold.

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CCR-1 Middle School Girls Track Team: (not in order) Katy Ayer, Lana Boyd, Isabelle Brotherton, Merrick Bush, DeeDee Church, Maci Cochenour, Madison Elder, Emery Goings, Alexis Hallford, Makenna Hodges, Jasmine James, Tianna Little, Trinity Little, Ericka  McDowell, Ava McKay, Irelyn Plenge, Deanne Poje, Teghan Sammons, Hayden West, Kaylie Yates, Kacy Zinnert and Helena  Howes.

MS Boys Track Team 2021.jpg

CCR-1 Middle School Boys Track Team: (not in order) - Avery Biggerstaff, Kai Binsbacher, Gage Bowen, Jerrett Burgess, Wyatt Davis, Austin Day, Pryce Filz, Brennan Fuller, Isaiah Hardin, Axell King, Karson Kirchner, Ryles McIntire, Ian Martin, Mason McDaniel, Coltyn McDaniel, Riley Moeller, Kayne Nixon, Harrison Parker, Chris Randall, Blake Rodgers, Kole Ross, Jamari Thurmind, Chayce Webster and Braydon Thompson.


 Congratulations to the Clark County Lady Indians on a Great Season.

Clark County ends their season 16-8.

                   Tipton went on to defeat the Lady Indians 60-46 in the Class 3 state quarterfinal.
Pictured above front row: Darian Harper, Samantha Behnke, Bre Chamley, Brooklyn Howe, Kiara Brunk, Elly Hamner and Amelia Boudreau. Back row: Assistant Coaches Danessa Binsbacher and Jessica Sommers; Emma Ross, Ally Fox, Hope Ross, Alexis Ellison, Delana Hess, Assistant Coach Keelie O’Brien and Head Coach John Weaver.

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CCR-1 Varsity Boys Basketball Team - Front row: managers - Kaytelenn Buschling, Ronee Scott and Jillian Crane. Middle row: Carter Briscoe, Adam St. Clair, Sam Wheeler, Gabe Hunziker, Aaron Day and Gage Winters. Back row: Assistant Coaches Bryan Plenge and Jamie Cousins, Elija Elam, Drayson Daniels, Zach McGrew, Conner Pearl, Assistant Coach Lance Wagner and Head Coach Adam Rung.

Not pictured Layne Sommers.

JV Boys Team COlor.jpg

JV Boys Basketball Team- Front row : Jonathan Shinn, Lucus Eddleman, Garrett Billings, Owen Burr, Brayen James and Callan Wheeler. Back row: Assistant Coaches Bryan Plenge and Jamie Cousins, Koy Nixon, Kaden Hamner, Collin Hunziker, Clayton Heinze, Clint Chamley, Lucas James, Xander Miller, JV Head Coach Lance Wagner and Assistant Coach Adam Rung.

Not pictured Tristen Pitford and manager Luke Plenge.

Varsity Girls team color.jpg

CCR-1 Varsity Girls Basketball Team - Front row: Sierra Stewart, Darian Harper, Kiara Brunk, Brooklyn Howe, Bre Chamley, Elly Hamner and Samantha Behnke. Back row: Head Coach John Weaver,

Delana Hess, Alexis Ellison, Hope Ross, Emma Ross, Amelia Boudreau - manager,

Assistant Coaches Jessica Sommers and Keelie O’Brien.

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CCR-1 Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Team: Front row - Abby Plenge, Blair Webster, Maddie Johnson, Ally Fox, Olivia Miller, Bryleigh Shaffer and Naveia Humphry. Back row - Jaelynn Barnett,           manager; Carley Pearl, Erin Bash, Keelie O’Brien, JV Head Coach; Jessica Sommers, Assistant Coach; Maggie Weaver, Nalani McDaniel, Mia Johnson and Taylor Schantz, manager.


CCR-1 High School Drill & Dance Team: Front Row (L-R): Bree Plenge, Annalise Smith, Kelsey Forquer and Avery Smith. Back Row (L-R): Evan Jones, Hanna Lapsley, Lauren Gutting and Skylar Currence.

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High School Basketball Cheerleaders: Front row: Bree Church, Aaliyah Edmondson, Gabi Kirchner, Akadia Hallford and Elizabeth Randall. Back row: Annalise Smith, Hailey Ray, Kaylee Streit,

Angel Oilar, Kampbel James and Lundyn Neves.

8th Grade Boys Color.jpg

8th Grade Boys Basketball Team:
Front row - Grayden Kleine, Kayne Nixon, Colton McDaniel, Chayce Webster and Aiden Plenge. Back row - Landon Young, Kaleb Hallford, Harrison Parker, Austin Day and Isaiah Hardin. Not pictured Coach Shaun Parker; Managers Merena Tournear and Reagan Waples.

7th Grade Boys Color.jpg

7th Grade Boys Basketball Team:
Front row - Avery Dent, Ryder Howe, Wyatt Davis, Mason McDaniel and Elijah Miller. Back row - Head Coach Lance Wagner; Ian Martin, Conner Shatley, Kai Binsbacher, Ean Smeltser and

Kole Ross. Not pictured  manager: Riley Moeller and Zachery Irvin.

7th & 8th Girls Team.jpg

7th & 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team:
Front row -Francesca Veloso, Sofia Veloso, Ava McKay, Isabella Irvin, Zoey Oaks, Jasmine James and Katy Ayer. Back row - Coach Marc Colvin, Emery Goings, Madison Buschling, DeeDee Church, Kaylie Yates, Trinity Little, Tianna Little and Coach Travis Ellison.

MS Cheer Color.jpg

Middle School Cheerleaders:
Front row -Deanna Poje, Jocelyn Wenger, Rylee Sisson, Courtney Springer and Aynsley Harmon. Back row - Dakota Kirchner, Izzy Brotherton, Hayden West and Gabi Miller.

Not pictured Braelin Baugh, and Cheerleading Sponsor Katie Franke.


Layne Sommers
Missouri Football Coaches Association All State -

3rd Team - DB
Missouri Sportswriters Class 2 - 2nd Team All State Receiver

Sam Wheeler
Missouri Football Coaches Association All State -

3rd Team - DE



                                                 Clark Co. vs Palmyra - Districts November 6th        

Early turnovers put the Clark County Indians in a hole they weren’t able to climb out of.
   Clark County turned the ball over on its first two possessions, and Palmyra capitalized with touchdowns for a 14-0 lead with 6:58 left in the first quarter. The Panthers went on to defeat the Indians 35-8 in Friday’s Class 2 District 6 semifinal football game.
  “We got in a hole early and it was tough to battle back against a good team,” said Clark County Head Coach Ethan Allen. “We haven’t  really turned the ball over like that since the beginning of the year, and Palmyra took advantage. We couldn’t get a stop and it kind of put us in a downward spiral.”
   Palmyra, 10-0 and ranked No. 1 in Class 2, hosts Monroe City for the district title on Friday. Monroe City advanced with a 28-26 win over Bowling Green.

Girls with Nicole.jpg
Cady, Ethan & Grace.jpg

                   Clark County Cross Country Runners Advance to State Championships
    On Saturday Clark County qualified six runners for the 46th MSHSAA Cross Country Championships. The Lady Indians are  sending five runners after winning the Class 2 District 3 title at Pike County Fair Grounds in Bowling Green, Mo., Saturday. Grace Buschling won the individual district title among 41 runners with a time of 19:54.6, while Cady St. Clair was fifth with a time of 22:23.1. Ethan Nelson also advanced to state as an individual after placing fifth in the boys district meet. Pictured top left the Lady Indians Cross Country team of Delana Hess, Cady St. Clair Grace Buschling, Peyton Franke and Mia Johnson with Coach Nicole Harper. Pictured top right Clark County’s three medalists in Cady St. Clair, Ethan Nelson and Grace Buschling. Please see page 11 for more photos and results of the meet.

1 Hanna Hill.jpg
1 Allison Fox.jpg

Cross County High School Boys -  
 Clark County junior Ethan Nelson placed second individually in the Clarence Cannon Conference Boys Cross Country Meet at Flower City Park Monday.
  Nelson finished with a time of 18:47. He was edged at the line by Centralia Nate Riddle, who completed the course in 18:36. Centralia’s John Holman was third with a time of 18:54.
   Clark County finished third as a team with 71 points. Centralia, which took four of the top six spots individually, won the conference title with 27 points, while Monroe City was second with 48 points.
   Landon Arnold was 12th for the Indians with a time of 21:29. Colin Nichols took 16th with a time of 22:25. Landon Toolate claimed 24th with a time of 23:52. Carter Harper placed 30th with a time of 24:40. Jaden Kellum was 33rd with a time of 25:57, and Carter Plenge finished 36th with a time of 27:40.
High School Girls -  
   Clark County junior Grace Buschling finished third individually with a time of 21:45. Brookfield’s Alex Sharp won the conference title for the second year in a row. She completed the course in 20:52. Centralia’s Jozelynn Bostick was the runner-up with a time of 21:02.
   Centralia won the conference team title with 37 points. Palmyra took second with 65 points, and Clark County finished third with 68 points.
   Cady St. Clair placed ninth for the Lady Indians with a time of 23:45. Mia Johnson took 20th with a time of 25:23. Peyton Franke followed in 21st with a time of 25:35, and Delana Hess finished 26th with a time of 26:08.
Middle School Boys -  
  The middle school boys competed in their last meet of the season on Monday evening in Palmyra.  Mason McDaniel finished in first place earning the title of Clarence Cannon Conference Champion. Harrison Parker finished 5th, Austin Ray was 7th, Isaiah Hardin finished 9th, Isaac Exner was 11th, Braydon Thompson finished 14th and Axell King was 18th. As a team the Indians just fell short of being conference champions by 6 points.
  Middle School Girls -  
  In the middle school girls race Makenna Hodges and Irelyn Plenge were able to medal with Makenna finishing 8th and Irelyn following up 9th. Also running for the Lady Indians were Emery Goings who finished 11th and Maci Cochenour who came in 12th.


Olivia Miller at third base.jpg
Gloria Shannon gets the runner out @ sec

Varsity Softball - Clark Co. vs Macon
   Macon tied the game with a run in the bottom of the fifth and took the lead with two runs in the sixth to knock off Clark County 6-4 in a Clarence Cannon Conference softball game Monday. With the win, the Tigerettes claimed their first conference title since 2002.

  Hamner was 2 for 4 with a home run and four runs batted in to lead Clark County. Darian Harper was 2 for 3. Fox went 2 for 4. Brunk was 1 for 2 with two walks. Gloria Shannon went 1 for 3 with a double, while Ebeling and Miller each finished 1 for 3.
    Alexis Ellison took the loss, allowing six earned runs on 14 hits in six innings. She walked one and struck out five.
  Clark Co. vs South Shelby
  South Shelby scored all of its runs in the third inning and held on for a 3-2 win over Clark County in a Clarence Cannon Conference softball game Thursday.

  Edmondson was 1 for 2 with a walk. Ebeling went 1 for 3 with a run batted in. Brunk was 1 for 3 with a double, and Fox and Harper each finished 1 for 3.
  Ebeling took the loss, allowing three earned runs on four hits in seven innings. She walked one and struck out eight.
  Clark County, 10-8 overall, plays in the Class 2 District 5 Tournament at Monroe City. The Lady Indians meet South Shelby at 5:45 p.m. Wednesday. Clark County is seeded second.


Clark Co. vs Putnam Co.
  Putnam County scored the only runs of the game in the first inning to score a 2-0 win over Clark County in Tuesday’s softball game.

Ebeling was 2 for 3 with a double. She also pitched three innings and allowed two earned runs on five hits. Ebeling struck out one.
  Hamner was 1 for 2 with a double and a walk. Ally Fox and Genna Edmondson each finished 1 for 3.
  Ellison pitched three hitless innings of relief an struck out three.

Clark Co. vs Centralia
   The Clark County Lady Indians held on to defeat Centralia 5-4 in a Clarence Cannon Conference softball game Thursday.
   Clark County opened the scoring with two runs in the bottom of the first.

Ellison retired the Panthers in order in the top of the seventh to end the game.
  Genna Edmondson was 2 for 3 for Clark County. Hamner went 1 for 2 with a home run and two runs batted in. Ellison was 1 for 2. Brunk and Miller each were 1 for 3, and Fox finished 1 for 4.
  Ellison tossed seven innings for the win. She allowed four earned runs on 10 hits. Ellison struck out two.



Clark Co. vs Palmyra
 The No. 1 team in Missouri Class 2 escaped the CCR-1Activity Field with a win to         remain undefeated on the football season.
    Sam Wheeler tossed a 20-yard touchdown pass to Layne Sommers, and the two alsoconnected for the two-point  conversion to give Clark County a 14-12 lead with 1:09 remaining, but it was just enough time for Palmyra to score at the end. Landyn Smith kicked a 34-yard field goal with seven seconds left to lift the Panthers to a 15-14 win over the Indians in Friday’s Clarence Cannon Conference game.
   Palmyra scored two second quarter touchdowns to grab a 12-0 lead, but the Clark County defense responded in the second half. The Panthers first five  offensive possession of the half accounted for just 62 yards with four of the drives resulting in zero first downs.


MS & HS Cross Country @ Central Lee & Ft. Madison

     This past week the High School and Middle School Clark County Cross Country Teams participated in the  Central Lee Cross Country Meet that was held at Green Acres Golf Course and the Timm Lamb Invitational at Ft. Madison, IA.

Genna Edmondson leads off second
Alexis Ellison(1).jpg

Varsity Softball vs Palmyra, Hannibal & LaPlata

     The Clark County Lady Indians rolled to a 10-3 win over Palmyra in a Clarence Cannon Conference softball game  Tuesday.  Ebeling was 3 for 4 with a run batted in, and Harper finished 3 for 5 with a double and a run batted in. Ellison was 1 for 2, but also reached via hit by pitch and two walks. She stole three bases and drove in a run.
   Miller went 1 for 3 with two runs batted in. Edmondson was 1 for 3. Brunk went 1 for 4 with two runs batted in. Hamner was 1 for 4, and Shannon drove in a run.

   The Clark County Lady Indians followed a big softball win over a Clarence Cannon Conference rival with an even better performance one night later.
  After scoring a 10-3 victory over Palmyra on Monday, the Lady Indians excelled in every phase to defeat Hannibal 10-0 in five innings on Tuesday.

    Stats -  Miller was 2 for 2 with a run batted in. Harper went 2 for 3 with two doubles and two runs batted in. Fox was 2 for 3 with a run batted in, and Ellison finished 2 for 4 with two home runs and four runs batted in.
   Hamner went 1 for 1 with two walks. Hill was 1 for 1. Brunk went 1 for 3 with a double and a run batted in, and Ebeling finished 1 for 3.
  Ebeling tossed 54 pitches, 37 for strikes, in five innings. She did not allow a walk and struck out two.

  The Clark County Lady Indians won their third game in a row and avenged an earlier loss by defeating LaPlata 9-3 in a softball game Thursday.

  Stats - Brunk was 3 for 3 with a walk, a double and two runs batted in. Miller went 2 for 2 with a walk. Edmondson was 2 for 3 with a run batted in. Ellison went 2 for 4 with a double, home run and three runs batted in. Hamner was 2 for 4 with a double and two runs batted in. Ebeling went 1 for 3 with a double, and Fox finished 1 for 4.
   Ellison pitched seven innings for the win. She allowed two earned runs on six hits. Ellison struck out 10.


Varsity Football vs South Shelby

     The South Shelby Cardinals started well against Clark County, but the Indians rolled to a Clarence Cannon Conference football win Friday.
   Clark County broke through with a touchdown less than one minute left in the opening        quarter, then put the game out of reach with four second quarter touchdowns. The Indians went on to defeat South Shelby 50-0 to improve to 3-1 overall and 3-0 in the conference.

 Clark County hosts Centralia in a conference game at 7 p.m. Friday. The game was originally scheduled for Centralia, but  the Panthers will not play at home the remainder of the season due to restrictions in Boone County.


Varsity Football vs Highland

     The Clark County Indians scored the final two touchdowns of the game to defeat Highland 26-14 in a Clarence Cannon Conference football game Friday.

     Wheeler finished with 116 yards rushing and completed two passes for 37 yards. Justin Webster added 61 yards rushing. Gage Winters gained 41 yards rushing and had 15 yards receiving, and Bode James had a reception for 22 yards.
  Both teams are 2-1 on the season. Clark County hosts South Shelby Friday in a conference game.


Congratulations to the Lady Indians varsity softball team on winning the consolation title at the Monroe City Tournament on Saturday, September 5th. Photo courtesy of the CCR-1 School Facebook page.

    The Monroe City Lady Panthers rallied from behind to defeat the Clark County Lady Indians 4-2 in a Clarence Cannon Conference softball game Tuesday.

Ashtyn Ebeling.jpg
Darian Harper leads off second base.jpg

 The CCR-1 JV Football team picked up a big win on Tuesday, September 8th as they defeated Kirksville 13 to 6 at home.


The CCR-1 high school cross country runners Peyton Franke, Mia Johnson and Cady St. Clair each receive a medal at the Highland Cougar Invitational on   Tuesday.  Photo courtesy of CCR-1School District Facebook page


The CCR-1 middle school cross country runners Irelyn Plenge, Maci Cochenour, Mason McDaniel & Harrison Parker each received a medal at the Highland Cougar  Invitational on Tuesday.                    

Photo courtesy of CCR-1 School District Facebook page.


The CCR-1 high school cross country team finished 1st as a team at the Highland Cougar Invitational on Tuesday evening. Pictured above Jadden Kellum, Landon Toolate, Carter Harper, Landon Arnold, Colin Nichols and Carter Plenge.                   Photo courtesy of CCR-1 School District Facebook page.



Clark Co. Cross Country Teams Compete at Keokuk Invitational
     Middle School Boys -   Clark County’s Mason McDaniel was second with a time of 9:29.  Also running for Clark County were: Harrison Parker, 13th, 10:53; Isaiah Hardin, 17th, 11:16.2; Austin Ray, 21st, 11:42.5; Isaac Exner, 24th, 12:22; Braydon Thompson, 27th, 13:23; and Axell King, 31st, 14:14.8.



Clark Co. Cross Country Teams Compete at Keokuk Invitational
     Middle School Girls -   Irelyn Plenge paced Clark County’s Middle School girls team with a time of 12:51 to finish 19th. Emery Goings followed in 20th with a time of 13:09, and Maci Cochenour finished 28th with a time of 15:53. Clark County finished in fifth place with 123 points.



Clark Co. Cross Country Teams Compete at Keokuk Invitational
    High School Girls -  Grace Buschling won the girls cross country individual title with a time of 20:57 and Clark County’s Cady St. Clair finished third with a time of 23:06.
  Mia Johnson was 12th for Clark County with a time of 25:15. Peyton Franke followed in 13th with a time of 25:16, and Delana Hess finished 15th with a time of 26:02. Clark County was second with 44 points.  



Clark Co. Cross Country Teams Compete at Keokuk Invitational
     High School Boys - Kirksville’s Jack Marlin won the individual title with a time of 17:38.Clark County’s Ethan Nelson was 11th for with a time of 19:10. Landon Arnold took 19th with a time of 21:24. Colin Nichols placed 27th with a time of 22:34. Landon Toolate recorded a time of 23:46 for 30th. Carter Harper claimed 36th with a time of 24:48. Jadden Kellum was 41st with a time of 26:31, and Carter Plenge finished 43rd with a time of 27:38.



     Varsity Football Clark Co. vs Macon
 The Clark County Indians overcame a shaky start on the offensive end to defeat Macon 28-14 Friday night.
   Clark County turned the ball over twice on its first three offensive plays of the game, but the Tigers could not take advantage. The Indians got the ball back after the first turnover when Aaron Day sacked quarterback Jacob   Nelson, and Bode James recovered at the Clark County 26. The Indians turned the ball over on a fumble on the next play, but the defense forced a turnover on downs.

    Wheeler rushed for 105 yards and completed seven passes for 123 yards. Hunziker caught three passes for 66 yards. Sommers had three     receptions for 46 yards, and James caught one pass for six yards. Webster rushed for 41 yards, while Harrell gained 38 yards and Gage Winters had 26 yards rushing.
   Defensively Aaron Day lead the Indians with 10 total    tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced    fumble and 1 pass deflection. Kenny Harrell had 7 total tackles and 1 INT, Justin  Webster had 3 total tackles 1 INT and 1 fumble recovery,  Layne Sommers and Sam Wheeler each had 7 total tackles.


Kiara Brunk leads off first base.jpg
Alexis Ellison (shortstop) Tags out runn

Junior Varsity Lady Indian Softball
  Kirksville defeated Clark County 6-1 in the Lady Indians home season opener on Tuesday, September 1st.  The Lady Tigers scored four runs in the first inning and led 5-0 after the second inning. Mya Ewart was 2 for 3 for the Lady Indians. Blair Webster took the loss, allowing one earned run on six hits in six innings. She walked one and struck out five.
   Clark County hosted Scotland Co. on Thursday evening. The Lady Indians scored three runs in the each of the first two innings to defeat Scotland County 6-2. Emma Ross was 2 for 2 with a double and two runs batted in. Blair Webster went 1 for 1 with two runs batted in. Mya Ewart was 1 for 1. Shaylee Lindsey went 1 for 2 with a double and a run batted in, and Hope Ross finished 1 for 2 with two runs scored. Webster threw five innings for the win. She allowed two earned runs on six hits.  Webster struck out eight.


Ashtyn Ebeling.jpg

JV Football
    On Monday, August 31st the JV Indian football team got their season off to a great start by defeating Keokuk at home 45-6.
   “It was a great team effort to play well and win the game,” commented Coach  Ethan Allen.  “ We did a really good job of  executing our plays and that led to us winning the game.  We had multiple guys make big plays.  Conner Pearl had a really good offensively as well as Jonny Shinn running the ball behind our offensive line that played great.  On defense, we only allowed 1 first down and gave up only one touchdown.  Collin Hunziker had a big interception for a touchdown that was a big play in the game.  It was a great way to start the JV season.”


Kaleb Nixon.jpg
Logan Schlatter & Kenny Harrell.jpg

Varsity Softball
     Clark Co. vs Kirksville
 The Kirksville Lady Tigers scored single runs in the first three innings, then pulled away late to defeat Clark County 7-1 in a softball game Wednesday.

    Fox was 2 for 3 with two stolen bases and a run scored to lead the Clark County offense. Brunk went 1 for 3 with a run batted in. Ellison and Gloria Shannon each finished 1 for 3.
  Ellison took the loss, allowing five runs, four earned, on seven hits in six innings. She walked two and struck out two.
  Ashtyn Ebeling allowed two runs on two hits in one inning. She walked one.

 Clark Co. vs Scotland Co.
    The Clark County Lady Indians scored six runs in the bottom of the first inning and cruised to a 10-1 win over Scotland County in a softball game Thursday.

  The Lady Indians finished with 17 hits. Brunk was 3 for 4 with a run batted in. Fox went 3 for 4. Miller was 2 for 3 with two runs batted in. Harper went 2 for 4 with a double and three runs batted in. Ellison was 2 for 4 with a double. Ebeling went 2 for 4. Williams was 1 for 2. Edmondson went 1 for 4 with a double and two runs batted in, and Elly Hamner finished 1 for 4.
  Ebeling tossed 62 pitches in six innings for the win. She allowed one earned run on four hits. Ebeling walked one and struck out four.
 Ellison pitched one scoreless inning. She allowed one hit and struck out two.

                                   Please see this weeks newspaper for complete game story.



Clark Co. vs Keokuk ~ August 31, 2020
    Keokuk Head Coach Josh Roberts returned to Clark County High School, a place where he played and coached high school football, and the Chiefs helped make the homecoming special with a dramatic win over the Indians.
   Keokuk trailed 14-13 with under a minute remaining and faced fourth-and-one at the Clark County 22. Keokuk Quarterback Corey Skinner got the first down and more by finding the end zone on a run up the middle with 46 seconds remaining. Anthony Potratz sealed the win with an interception with 24 seconds left as the Chiefs defeated Clark Co. 19-14 in the football season opener for both schools.
   “This was a big win for me coming back home with the team that we have,” Roberts said. “I got really emotional during our pregame, because I didn’t know if we were going to have a season with this group. I’m just so proud of them, the way they fought until the last second. I’m proud of the way they played.”
   Despite losing the lead in the last minutes, Clark County Head Coach Ethan Allen took away a lot of positives from the game.
   “I thought our kids really did battle and fought hard,” Allen said. “We left a couple of plays on the field that, I think if we had back we would feel a lot better. That’s how it goes.

                                                          Please see this weeks newspaper for complete game story.


2020 CCR-1 High School Cheerleaders

Softball Team 2020.jpg

2020 CCR-1 JV & Varsity Softball Team


2020 CCR-1 JV & Varsity Cross Country Team

FB Team 2020.jpg

2020 CCR-1 JV & Varsity Football Team

#40 Zander Johnson Carries the ball.jpg

The annual CCR-1 Red & Gray game was held on Friday, August 21st. The Indians will host their season opener on Friday, August 28th against Keokuk.


What a great weekend to watch a little baseball. Sluggers 14U Wooden Bat Baseball Tournament was held in Kahoka on Saturday, July 11th. Sluggers 11U and 12U held a baseball tournament on Sunday, July 12th at the Kahoka ball field.


            Parker Appointed to Position of CCR-1 Varsity Softball Coach

    At the May 14, 2020 Clark County R-1 Board of Education meeting, Shaun Parker was appointed to position of Varsity Softball Coach.
  Parkers ascends to the position after 4 years at the helm of the Lady Indian Middle School Program and an   additional 7 years assisting with the Indian baseball squad.
  Coach Parker succeeds former Lady Indian skipper Macy Bross, who earlier this spring returned to her home town and will teach and coach in the Palmyra School District.

 Chandler Bevans was fortunate his lone college visit after his two years at John Wood Community College ended was at the school he'll be finishing his men's basketball career.
   Bevans, a graduate of Clark County High School, has two years of eligibility remaining when he joins Central Methodist University, an NAIA program located in Fayette, Mo.
   "I actually only got to visit CMU's campus," Bevans said. "All of the other ones got shut down (due to COVID-19), so that was the only one I got to see."
  The campus visit wasn't the lone reason why Bevans chose Central Methodist.
  "I had a really strong connection with the coaching staff from the start," Bevans said. "They showed me the most love, and I think I can go there and make a big impact right away. I think we can win a lot of games."

Chandler Bevans.jpg

    Trevor Schorr considered Southeastern Community     College as an option after his time at Clark County High School was up. When SCC decided to offer track and field, beginning in the 2020-21 school year, the college choice became easy for Schorr.
   "I always thought about going there because it is a great school and pretty close to home," Schorr said of the NJCAA program located in West Burlington. "Before they offered me a scholarship, I didn't even know track was an option. I always wanted to continue with track after high school, and when they offered me a scholarship, I made my decision."
  SCC Head Coach Lucas Keifer has already got good numbers lined up for the first season of men's track and field. As of May 8, there are 18 athletes recruited for the men's program and 10 for the women's program.

   This past week Clark County High School senior Brandon Kracht announced on twitter that he has decided to play basketball at John Wood Community College the next two seasons, trading his Red & Gray for Green & Yellow.
   “It’s been fun to watch him grow as a player,” said Clark County Head Coach Adam Rung. “He has put a lot of extra time in the gym and to see that payoff is really neat. Each year he has gotten better and better and you could see that in his game, both from a skill standpoint and in his leadership qualities. He expanded his game from being a role player that was more of a spot up shooter and secondary ball handler as an underclassmen to our primary ball-handler, a primary scoring option and leader on the floor as an upperclassmen.”

kracht 1.jpg

  Clark County senior Nathan Frazee announced on Saturday, March 21st that he would be attending  University of Central Missouri this fall.
   Frazee will also be continuing his career in cross country and track and field at the NCAA Division II school located in Warrensburg, Mo.

 “As soon as I met my coach, he made me feel like this was my home. He was also very generous in his scholarship,” commented Frazee. “UCM has a great campus and you get a good mix of the small campus/big campus feel. It is a bigger school than most people would think, but still has that small school feel. I am not 100% sure on my career path yet, but, I have narrowed it down to either Sports Management or Marketing. Both career paths I feel suit me well, as they open many doors, too”.


Academic All State Cross Country

Madison Kauth, Corbyn Harper, Grace Buschling, Colin Nichols, and Cady St. Clair

   Guidelines for Academic All-State:
    Athletes must be nominated by their head coach who must be a current member of MTCCCA.
   The athlete must have competed in a state series meet. Districts, Sectionals and State satisfy this requirement
    The athlete must meet one of the follow criteria: 25 or higher on the ACT; 1150 or higher on the SAT; 3.6 cumulative GPA (non-rounded, non-weighted) at the end of the fall semester for cross country or the spring semester for track and field.

Post Season Basketball Honors

Jade Ross - Clarence Cannon All Conference - 1st Team; Class 3 District 13 MBCA All-District Team

Alexis Ellison - Clarence Cannon All Conference - 2nd Team

Brooklyn Howe- Clarence Cannon All Conference -  Honorable Mention

Brandon Kracht - Clarence Cannon All Conference - 1st Team; Class 3 Dist. 13 MBCA All-District Team

Conner Mack - Clarence Cannon All Conference - 2nd Team; Class 3 Dist.13 MBCA All-District Team

Chase Norton - Clarence Cannon All Conference -  Honorable Mention



Pictured Nicholas Davis

signing his letter of intent to play basketball at

Culver- Stockton College.

He is pictured with his parents Rickie and Ronda Davis.

Varsity Girls Basketball

  Clark Co. was able to defeat Highland on Monday night in the opening round of the Class 3 District 13 Tournament at Palmyra High School by a final score of

Clark Co. 71 Highland 59.
  In the semi-final game of the  district tournament the Lady Indians were defeated by Palmyra 61 to 42.

Clark County ends its season with an 18-8 record and 5-2 in the conference.

1 Jade Ross.jpg
1 Kracht.jpg

Varsity Boys Basketball

 Clark County picked up a big win on Tuesday evening as they defeated Hallsville in the opening round of the Class 3 District 13 tournament at Palmyra High School.
   Layne Sommers made two free throws for Clark County with 3.1 seconds left to lift the Indians to a 60-59 win over Hallsville. It was the only time the Indians led in the game.
  In the semi-final game of the district tournament the Indians were defeated by Monroe City 59 to 49.
  Clark County ends its season with an 18-9 record.


Academic All State Softball 

Dayanara Daniels, Isiabell Acklie, Jade Ross, Elly Hamner, Kiara Brunk, Allie Hayden

   To be eligible for the academic all-state honors, softball players must be a sophomore, junior or senior; have a cumulative unweighted grade point average after the fall 2019 semester of 3.5 to 4.0; must start 70 percent of the team games; and be ranked in the top 25 percent of her class or attain a 24 or better on the ACT.
 The Lady Indians Softball team GPA came in at over 3.70 this season!

Academic All State Football - Gabe Hunziker

Nominations must also meet 2 of the next 3 criteria:
1. Must score a 25 or higher on ACT or 1740 on the SAT
2. 3.5 GPA or higher (GPA must be non weighted)
3. Must rank in top 10% of his/her class
(GPA and class rank will be determined by the GPA and class rank at the start of that year)

Jade Ross 2.jpg

Varsity Girls Basketball

 On Tuesday, February 11th the Lady Indians hosted Highland for their annual “Pack the Place Pink” game.  Final score of the contest was Clark Co. 54 Highland 39.

The Lady Indians picked up    another Clarence Cannon Conference win on Friday night as they defeated South Shelby 53 to 30 on the road.

CCR-1 Lady Indians Head Coach John Weaver recently recorded his 200th career win as a varsity coach. Coach Weaver, who previously coached at Knox County and LaPlata, earned his 200th win on January 25th during the third place contest of the Tony Lenzini                Invitational Tournament in which the Lady Indians defeated Canton 65-50. Coach Weaver's current win total at  CCR-1 is 125.
Brandon Kracht.jpg

Varsity Boys Basketball

  The Clark County Indians rolled to a 71-54 win over Highland in a Clarence Cannon Conference boys basketball game Tuesday.

 The Clark County Indians improved to 4-1 in the Clarence Cannon Conference as they defeated South Shelby 74-42 on the road Friday night.CCR-1 senior Brandon Kracht who netted his 1000th career point during a 68-35 victory on January 31st at Mark Twain was recognized in between games on Tuesday, February 11th.

Pack The Place Pink Night
Cheer Pink.jpg
CCR-1 High School held their annual “Pack the Place Pink” game on Tuesday, February 11th.  The teams took on Highland in the contest.  Students involved in  basketball, cheerleading, drill and dance,  pep band, along with students in the crowd, and members of the community filled the gym wearing pink to show  support and help raise money for local cancer support.
2019 CCR-1 Fall Sports Awards Banquet Was Held Jan 27th
Cross Country Awards: Carter Plenge, Indian Pride; Ethan Nelson,
Most Improved;
Grace Buschling,
Girls MVP; Nathan Frazee, Boys MVP; Corbyn Harper, Leadership.
Not pictured
Madison Kauth, Leadership.
Softball Awards: Dayanara Daniels, Most Improved; Allie Hayden, Defensive Player of the Year; Madison Bergman, Indian Pride; Kiara Brunk, Offensive Player of the Year; Jade Ross, Indian Pride; Ashtyn Ebeling, Rookie of the Year; Isiabell Acklie, MVP.
Brandon Kracht.jpg
Varsity Indians Basketball

The Fort Madison Bloodhounds defeated Clark County 60-49 in a boys basketball game Tuesday.

Brandon Kracht scored his 1,000th point for Clark County in a 68-35 win over Mark Twain in a boys basketball game Friday.

 Clark County, 12-7 on the season, hosts Palmyra in a Clarence Cannon Conference game Tuesday.

Varsity Lady Indians Basketball

The Lady Indians picked up a big win on Thursday night as they hosted Unity and won 56 to 37.

The Clark County Lady Indians led 19-4 at the end of the first quarter and never looked back in defeating Mark Twain 62-34 in a girls basketball game Friday.

Clark County, 13-6 overall, hosts Palmyra in a Clarence Cannon Conference game Tuesday.

Alexis Ellison.jpg